Galaxy note 2 articles

T-Mobile to launch 4G LTE network later this month

T-Mobile subscribers have something to be excited about today as the wireless provider has announced they will launch their long-awaited 4G LTE network by the end of this month. Despite the fact that T-Mobile is the last of the nation’s…

Samsung Galaxy Note II Review: Bigger and Better

The Samsung Galaxy Note II is big. Colossally big. It's important to get that description out of the way because anyone who sees or holds the Galaxy Note II will have no choice but to be taken aback by how large is the phone-meets-tablet.

The same predicament made doubters believe that the original Galaxy Note was too big to succeed, but millions of phones sold later, that proved to be a false prediction. The Galaxy Note II is a smooth and dynamic experience from top to bottom. It's probably too big as a phone or too small as a tablet for most, but many will find it's a comfortable compromise between the two form factors.

Rumor: Samsung to launch Galaxy Note successor in October

Details on the Galaxy Note's successor have been revealed by Korean site MK Business News, which suggests the Galaxy Note 2 could arrive as early as October running Android's new Jelly Bean mobile OS with an even bigger display and using…