Lg display articles

LG now mass-producing curved 6-inch smartphone display

LG Electronics has confirmed after months of speculation that flexible displays have now entered mass production. Specifically, the company’s display unit announced a 6-inch display made of plastic that is bendable and unbreakable according to a report from Reuters. …

LG 29EA93 Review: Monitors Go Ultra-Wide

The LG 29EA93-P is the company's first entry into the still nascent category of ultra-wide consumer displays. There remain few options to compete against the 29EA93’s expansive 21:9 aspect ratio, however, LG, Dell and a few others ostensibly believe there’s a market for ultra-wides and I’ll admit -- I think they’re right.

While the 29EA93 seems suitably equipped to watch movies, how does it fare against other types of computer use? Could it possibly be a worthy replacement for your trusty dual-monitor setup?

Samsung countersues LG over OLED patent claims

It looks like Samsung and LG Display are still at it. The latest wrinkle between the two companies is a Samsung-led lawsuit filed in Korea which alleges seven of LG's OLED patents "lack innovation". Apparently, Samsung hopes to invalidate those…

LG Display workers charged with stealing Samsung OLED secrets

According to a report by The Associated Press, LG's display arm has admitted to six of its employees being involved in the possible misappropriation of OLED technology secrets from Samsung. Samsung has accused the display maker of having "systematically stole its…