Touch mouse articles

Logitech announces Touch Mouse M600 for Windows

Logitech has announced a new buttonless mouse featuring touch-sensitivity across its entire surface to support a handful of gestures as well as the usual left- and right-click functionality. The Touch Mouse M600 bears a clear resemblance to Apple's Magic Mouse,…

Microsoft Explorer Touch Mouse Review

Earlier this year we looked at three touch sensitive portable mice from the likes of Mad Catz, SpeedLink and Microsoft. Ultimately I chose Microsoft's Arc Touch as my favorite because it was the most aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to use of the trio.

Microsoft has since provided us with another touch-based rodent, the Explorer Touch Mouse, featuring a more traditional shape complete with a uniform glossy paint job and a simplistic layout. In addition, MS claims the Explorer Touch will go 18 months before needing fresh batteries.

Touch Mouse 3-Way Roundup

Today we'll be looking at three mice that aren’t necessarily as high-end or feature-packed as some we have previously tested.

These wireless mice are smaller and simpler in what they entail, yet they all feature one distinct characteristic – touch sensitivity. Meet the contenders: Microsoft’s Arc Touch, Mad Catz's Eclipse touchmouse, and SpeedLink’s Cue Wireless Multitouch.