Year in review articles

What the world searched Google for in 2016

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are just a few of the many services that have published Year in Review round-ups as 2017 rapidly approaches. While such outlets attract swarms of people, Google search is still the backbone of the Internet and thus…

Twitter reveals its most popular moments of 2015

Despite lackluster growth, Twitter is perhaps the most in-the-moment social network of them all. Anytime something happens in the world (good or bad), you can be sure that droves of people will take to Twitter to voice their opinions, support or displeasure on the matter.

Top Tech Stories of 2014: Hardware, Tech Culture, Mobile, The Web, Microsoft, Google, Apple & More

As the year comes to a close it’s time to take a look back at some of the events that shaped the tech landscape in twenty-fourteen. There were some high profile buyouts, buzzwords, and a fair share of disruptions, controversies and security disasters with the likes of Apple, Google, Uber, Sony and the NSA -- among others -- as protagonists. This is a quick recount of the most relevant stories of 2014 across eleven major categories.

Facebook sums up 2014 in its annual Year in Review

The reflections keep flowing as Facebook has published its 2014 Year in Review. In it, the social network takes a moment to remember the challenges and triumphs of 2014 and celebrate the moments that connected us all.

Twitter's 2012 Year in Review highlights top tweets and trends

As 2012 winds down, we can expect to see a number of “Year in Review” posts from several technology and web-based companies that deal directly with consumers. Twitter recently published such a post where they looked back on the events…