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silicon-perovskite solar power solar cells

Silicon-perovskite solar cells are on the verge of revolutionizing power generation efficiency

Forward-looking: Traditional solar power cells are based on a silicon semiconductor compound, which is known to have a theoretical maximum efficiency of 29 percent in converting sunlight into electric energy. However, by incorporating a second perovskite layer onto the base silicon layer, solar cells have the potential to surpass this efficiency threshold in the near future.
leds sphere las vegas music movies led sports events with video

Over one million LEDs light up Sphere, Las Vegas' incredible new attraction

The inside is just as amazing
In brief: There is lots to see and do in Las Vegas, and in September this year, what could become the city's biggest attraction will open: the largest spherical building in the world, one packed with programmable exterior LEDs that can display incredible visuals. Inside, visitors will be able to watch music concerts, film events, and some sports while experiencing the 250-foot-high wrap-around interior screen.
spain elections taxes

Spanish labor minister wants to provide €20,000 to every young Spaniard upon reaching adulthood

Forward-looking: Spain will hold a vote on July 23, and Yolanda Díaz, the woman aspiring to become the country's first female prime minister, is prepared for a fight. Díaz has put forward an exceptionally progressive political agenda, which involves a contentious universal payment aimed at providing young people with the necessary funds for pursuing their education or starting a new business.
international monetary fund digital currency bitcoin united nations

Beyond Bitcoin: IMF champions central bank digital currencies

The big picture: Not long ago, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were supposed to be the future of money and blockchain technology was poised to revolutionize everything. But now, nobody seems to remember the blockchain revolution anymore – a solution still in search of a problem – and Bitcoin remains a niche market for financial speculators.
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