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ftc esrb coppa facial recognition age verification

FTC denies rating board's suggestion for age verification system

Editor's take: The ESRB has one job: rate games by maturity level based on content. So why did it involve itself in a proposal to add a new age verification system for parents to use to provide consent for data collection on their children? All that did was confuse the public about what facial age estimation is and how it would be used, leading to it getting shot down by the FTC.
playboy lenna digital imaging

IEEE will no longer accept Playboy's "Lenna" image for image processing research

A hot potato: Simply known as "Lenna," the test image was scanned by Alexander Sawchuk at the University of Southern California's Signal and Image Processing Institute in 1973. It's been used in research papers about image processing since then, but now the time has come to retire this piece of fortuitous standard in digital beauty.
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