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amd zen cpus amd ryzen amd cpu vulnerability

AMD Ryzen CPUs are impacted by all of these serious vulnerabilities

A hot potato: All users with AMD Ryzen processors from the last few years should check and update their motherboard firmware ASAP, especially if they haven't done so since before 2023. AMD has published a detailed chart describing four severe security issues affecting server, desktop, workstation, HEDT, mobile, and embedded Zen CPUs. Recent BIOS updates have addressed most, but not all of the flaws.
flipper dos iphone ios ddos hacking flipper zero with video

Canada moves to ban the Flipper Zero amid rising auto theft concerns

Who knew a toy-like security testing device could prove to be such a menace?
Bottom line: The popularity of the Flipper Zero has Canadian officials on edge. While the tool's capabilities do raise concerns, the knee-jerk prohibition highlights the tricky balance between empowering white-hat hackers and preventing malicious misuse of technology.
ransomware crime

Ransomware operations made more than $1 billion in 2023

Ransom money: Despite significant changes in the evolving cybersecurity landscape, the ransomware threat continues to generate hundreds of millions of dollars every year. The most notorious "crews" exploit every avenue to maximize their returns, while victims are not as willing to pay the ransom as they were in the past few years.
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