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hacking skimmer flipper zero

Hacking multi-tool Flipper Zero gets banned from Amazon, classified for card skimming

In a nutshell: The Flipper Zero may look like a harmless child's toy from the 90s, but it's capable of far more. The Tamagotchi-like device has been used for everything from opening parking gates and tampering with fast food menus to reading credit card information through a person's wallet and pants. Unfortunately for Flipper, this scanning ability has earned a ban from Amazon, which now considers it a policy-breaking card-skimming device.
HP printer

HP prepping firmware update to fix critical security vulnerability in LaserJet printers

The bug could allow hackers to remotely access sensitive information
In a nutshell: Dozens of HP printers are vulnerable to a security issue that could potentially allow attackers to access sensitive information. The company is aware of the problem and is working on an update that will be rolled out later this year. In the meantime, HP is suggesting that users downgrade the firmware version of the affected models as a temporary workaround to mitigate the issue.
vulkan files russia leak ukraine vladimir putin

Leaked 'Vulkan Files' reveal Russia's cyberwarfare operations

"People should know the dangers of this"
What just happened? A whistleblower has leaked files from a Moscow-based defense contractor that allegedly show how the company works with Russian military and intelligence agencies to support them in hacking operations, training operatives, spreading disinformation, and scanning the internet for vulnerabilities.
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