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Intel is in a very bad place, and they need to admit it

And while Intel is fighting for its life, the rest of the industry is moving on
Editor's take: After 30 years of dominance, the industry has come to view Intel as a giant who has fallen on hard times. We do not think this is the right way to view the company, and it creates mental blind spots which hinder our ability to assess what are the right next steps for the company. But it's true, Intel is in a very bad place. It needs to admit that, especially internally. We are not forecasting Doomsday, but we do think it is time to recognize that Intel will never be the force it once was, and probably has not been for a long time.
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AMD admits to restraining chip supply to keep higher CPU and GPU prices

"We undershipped in Q3, we undershipped in Q4," Su told investors
In context: Gamers have been lamenting about the high prices of graphics cards for what seems like forever. We all got excited when crypto mining became obsolete, just knowing that we were finally going to see prices come down, but for the most part, they haven't. The latest GPUs are still out of reach for the average consumer, and even older cards are holding their value.