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Canada moves to ban the Flipper Zero amid rising auto theft concerns

Who knew a toy-like security testing device could prove to be such a menace?
Bottom line: The popularity of the Flipper Zero has Canadian officials on edge. While the tool's capabilities do raise concerns, the knee-jerk prohibition highlights the tricky balance between empowering white-hat hackers and preventing malicious misuse of technology.
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Hacking multi-tool Flipper Zero gets banned from Amazon, classified for card skimming

In a nutshell: The Flipper Zero may look like a harmless child's toy from the 90s, but it's capable of far more. The Tamagotchi-like device has been used for everything from opening parking gates and tampering with fast food menus to reading credit card information through a person's wallet and pants. Unfortunately for Flipper, this scanning ability has earned a ban from Amazon, which now considers it a policy-breaking card-skimming device.