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Full Guide to OS Dual Booting
Last Updated on November 08, 2000 by Thomas McGuire - Page 2/9

Setup - Partitioning

Before you install Windows 98/Me you will want to re-partition your hard drive. Insert the Startup/Boot disk & reboot your Computer – setting your BIOS to boot from the floppy drive first. Once this disk has been booted from (To a Command prompt) type in fdisk & hit Enter.

You’ll be greeted with a screen as shown below (After selecting Yes to enable Large disk support).

The first thing to do is to Delete your existing partition(s) – Option 3. Once these have been deleted you can re-partition your hard drive as you see fit. You’ll want at least 2 partitions created – 1 for each Operating system. It may also be worthwhile creating a third partition for other uses. Personally I’d recommend using a second hard drive for the purposes of sharing application/game installation, although, this really is up to you.

I’d recommend giving the Primary partition the greater proportion of space available. The reasoning for this being that Windows 98/Me will be installed into this partition – These particular Operating systems only support FAT32 file system at the most, they cannot access NTFS partitions. As a result any shared program installations between Windows 98/Me & 2000 will have to go into the FAT32 partition.

Once you have created your Primary partition, make an Extended DOS Partition, this is where Windows 2000 will be installed onto. Unless you are going to create another partition you should use the remainder of the free space for this partition.

Exit & Reboot your system for the changes to take effect (Again, booting up with the Startup Disk, enable CD ROM support & insert your Windows 98/Me CD).

OS Installation – Windows 98/Me

This is the easy part, well the-should-be-easy-part. (In case you missed what I said before – After partitioning, boot up using the Windows 98/Me Startup Disk, enable CD ROM support & insert your Windows 98/Me CD) Access the CD\DVD drive from the DOS prompt, e.g. type E:\ & hit Enter. Next type in setup.exe & hit Enter.

From here on just perform a standard installation of Windows 98/Me to your C:\ drive (Do not select any other partition as it will most likely can problems later on). You can change the installation folder (Default of \WINDOWS) if needed although I don’t recommend it, nor would I bother changing it myself.

Once Windows 98/Me has finally installed you can install Windows 2000. You shouldn’t customize/install/do anything else until Windows 2000 has been installed (I’ll go into Why later).


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