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Entourage, great show!

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Adding some randomness to our blog entries, I thought I would plug one of my current favourite TV shows: HBO’s Entourage.
I don’t get to watch too much TV nowadays, and in fact I’m one of those who’s all in for on-demand TV and movies, since it’s usually when I have some free time that I want to watch a given kind of show or movie… not what is available but what I want. (It also happens Tivo is non-existent where I’m living right now, and PPV shows are limited).

Earlier this year I got completely caught by Kiefer Sutherland’s thriller 24. I remember a cousin of mine telling me a couple of years ago how awesome the show was… unfortunately I didn’t pay much attention at the time. So, like I was saying, earlier this year I started watching the show (can’t remember how or why), but I ended up watching the whole 4 seasons in less than 3 months. That is a lot considering you’ve got 45-minute-long episodes, 24 episodes per season = 96 episodes of 24 and still starving! Before 24 it was The Sopranos, I remember which was a pretty similar story, watching five seasons in a row in just a couple of months (last year).

I guess I lost my point completely… HBO’s Entourage, watch it, great show, lots of fun.

Written by Julio Franco

June 28th, 2005 at 4:41 am

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