Tech Deals

Tech Deals

Hard to miss tech deals, regularly updated with unbeatable prices for the latest hardware, plus our weekly round of PC game discounts.

Roundup: 18 Best Tech Discounts for Students

Getting the most out of each dollar is absolutely critical for many students working towards a four-year college degree, but what most don’t realize is that their college education can start paying dividends even before they step on campus. To help the millions of broke college students out, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top tech-related discounts from a variety of vendors, for anyone enrolled at an institution of higher education.

Tech Deals: Pre-Black Friday edition

Now that Black Friday is a bona fide thing, you’ve really got to be strategic. As the official starter for the holiday shopping season, Black Friday and the days to come are expected to be a frenzy of bargains. Here's some of…

Tech deals: 40-inch 4K LG TV for $619 shipped, Moto X $1 w/ AT&T contract, $40 off iPad Air 2 16GB

Ending Monday, Dell offers LG's 40-inch 4K LED television for $619 -- nearly half off and currently $180 cheaper than Amazon's sale price (Amazon does have $30 off Asus' 24-inch 144Hz 1080p gaming monitor, however). Elsewhere, the 16GB Wi-Fi model of Apple's iPad Air 2 is $460 with free shipping via eBay...

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