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Tech Deals

Hard to miss tech deals.

Enter to win a Huawei Watch from the TechSpot Store

It’s official: the age of the smartwatch has arrived. However, there’s a reason classically designed watches have lasted this long. The Huawei Watch is the company's flagship timepiece, sporting a timeless exterior, sapphire crystal face, and running Android Wear. …

Learn Python programming: 6 in-depth courses for 89% off

If you have any interest in learning Python, one of the most flexible programming languages around, check out this 6 course bundle at the TechSpot Store. You’ll get 45 hours of in-depth Python instruction, covering basic concepts to advanced techniques, for 89%…

Save 80%: In-depth Wi-Fi hacking & penetration testing course

If you’re interested in learning Wi-Fi hacking & penetration testing techniques, check out this course over at the TechSpot Store. You’ll learn the theory and practical application of penetration testing with step-by-step instruction from industry professionals. Best of all, it’s 80%…

TechSpot Store Giveaway: Win a Chromebook Pixel, and more

The Chromebook Pixel is the best Chromebook you can buy, but it's not cheap at around $1,000. If you don’t want to shell out that type of cash, enter the Chromebook Pixel giveaway on the TechSpot Store for a chance to win one…

Stay safe and secure online with NordVPN (67% off)

It you want to maintain online privacy, keep your data secure on public networks, and access geoblocked content, it pays to invest in a good VPN service. NordVPN is one of the best (as reviewed here, or here), and TechSpot readers can…

Organize your cluttered keyring with KeySmart 2.0

If your keyring is a bulky, cluttered mess (aren't they all?), check out KeySmart 2.0 - the compact key organizer that made waves during its Kickstarter campaign. TechSpot readers can grab one 26% off, for just $16.99 + free shipping. …
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