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Startup Programs with 'c'

Startup Name Process Name Status
CW cw4.exe Up to You
CWatch cw.exe Up to You
cwbckver cwbckver.exe Not Necessary
cwbinhlp cwbinhlp.exe Not Necessary
cwbsvstr cwbsvstr.exe Not Necessary
cwbwlwiz cwbwlwiz.exe Unknown
Cwcdschk.exe Cwcdschk.exe Unknown
cwcptray cwcptray.exe Up to You
cwupdate cwupdate.exe Up to You
CXMon Hpi_Monitor.exe Not Necessary
Cyber cyberchk.exe Not Necessary
Cyber Trio showmode.exe Up to You
Cyber-Defender 2003 uwcdsvr.exe Up to You
cyberfree.exe ****.dat [* = random char] Dangerous. Remove.
CyberLat Ram Cleaner CLRamCleaner.exe Up to You
CyberMedia Agent CMAGENT.EXE Not Necessary
CyberWolf CyberWolf.exe Dangerous. Remove.
CyDoor CD_Load.exe Dangerous. Remove.
CydoorUpdate CD_Load.exe Dangerous. Remove.
CYNHKey CYNHKey.exe Unknown
CyphTray CyphTray.exe Not Necessary

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