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Startup Programs with 't'

Startup Name Process Name Status
TrueSync Launcher tstool.exe Not Necessary
TrueVector VSMON.EXE May be Necessary
trustras.exe trustras.exe Unknown
TrustyHound-TS TrustyHound-TS.exe Dangerous. Remove.
tsa tsm.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Tsa2 tsm2.exe Dangerous. Remove.
TsAdbot TSADBOT.EXE Dangerous. Remove.
TSBxLogon TMESBS2.EXE Unknown
TSE_PLUtil PLBkMon.exe Up to You
Tsk Mng Hlp wins32.exe Dangerous. Remove.
tskdbg tskdbg.exe Dangerous. Remove.
TSkrMain TSkrMain.exe Unknown
Tsl tsl.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Tsl2 tsl2.exe Dangerous. Remove.
TSMsger TSMsger.exe Not Necessary
TSPower spower.drv Unknown
tsrv t2serv.exe Dangerous. Remove.
tsrv tsrv.exe Dangerous. Remove.
tsvcin n20050308.exe Dangerous. Remove.
tsyssmon tsyssmon.exe Unknown
TSystem [trojan filename] Dangerous. Remove.
ttaa tata.exe Dangerous. Remove.
ttasq ttasq.exe Unknown
ttool [random numbers].exe Dangerous. Remove.
TTrayp VTtrayp.exe Not Necessary
TTS Sync testtts.exe Dangerous. Remove.
ttupt ttupt.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Tukati TukatiRedistributor.exe Unknown
tunebite tunebite.exe Not Necessary
TuneUp MemOptimizer memoptimizer.exe Up to You
TurBo System.Trubo.vbs Dangerous. Remove.
TurboExplorer TE.exe Up to You
TurboLaunch Tlaunch.exe Up to You
TurboMemoryCharger turbomemorycharger.exe Up to You
TurboNote tbnote.exe Not Necessary
TurboTop TurboTop.exe Up to You
TV Media Tvm.exe Dangerous. Remove.
TV Scheduler TVSCHL.EXE Up to You
TV878 Remote Control C7XRCtl.exe Up to You
tvctray tvctray.exe Dangerous. Remove.
TVMD tvmd.exe Dangerous. Remove.
TvNow TvNow.exe Up to You
TvrRemote Remote.exe Up to You
TvrSchedule Schedule.exe Up to You
Tvs TvsTray.exe Not Necessary
tvs_b tvs_b.exe Dangerous. Remove.
tvs_b tvs_ln.exe Dangerous. Remove.
tvs_re tvs_re_inst.exe Dangerous. Remove.
TVT Scheduler Proxy scheduler_proxy.exe Unknown
TVTMD TVTMD.EXE Dangerous. Remove.
TVTunerLib TVTLInstTool.exe Up to You
TVWakeup tvwakeup.exe Not Necessary
Tvwatch tvwatch.exe Unknown
Twain image mmp32.exe Dangerous. Remove.
TWarmBay N/A Unknown
TWarnMsg twarnmsg.exe Up to You
TWBbtn N/A Unknown
TWBrowse TWBrowse.drv Unknown
Tweak Manager WinManager.Exe Unknown
Tweak UI RunDLL32 tweakUI.DLL, TWEAKUI /tweakmeup Dangerous. Remove.
Tweak UI rundll32.exe tweakui.cpl, tweakmeup Up to You
Tweak UI rundll32.exe tweakui.cpl, tweaklogon Up to You
Tweak UI 1.33 deutsch RUNDLL32.EXE TWEAKUI.CPL, TweakMeUp Up to You
Tweak-Me TWEAK-ME.exe Up to You
Tweak-xp Tweak-xp.exe Up to You
TweakDUN tweakdun.exe Up to You
Tweaki4PU twksup.exe Up to You
tweakico tweakico.exe Unknown
TweakMASTER TMTray.exe Up to You
TweakYC TweakYC.exe Unknown
twister twister.exe Up to You
TwkSCardSrv SCardS32.Exe Not Necessary
twunk service twunk16.exe Dangerous. Remove.
twunk_32 twunk_32.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Twunk_64 twunk_64.exe Dangerous. Remove.
tyack drive tyack.pif Dangerous. Remove.
tymsetvc osskhbd.exe Dangerous. Remove.
type bat.exe Dangerous. Remove.
type32 type32.exe Not Necessary
TypingSatellite KBOOST.exe Not Necessary
TZ Spyware Remover SpyRem.exe Not Necessary

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