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Best Of: 8 Free to Play PC Games That Are Too Good to Be True

The gaming world is making a dramatic shift towards free to play games. Of course, full price retail titles still make up for a majority of releases on the PC and most other platforms, but playing a quality game without cracking your wallet open is a completely viable option nowadays.

A free to play game made right should allow players to enjoy everything it has to offer, while keeping monetary transactions completely optional.  We’ve combed through the Internet to bring you the very best PC games pushing forward the free-to-play model -- and making a good name for it, too.

Students: buy a new PC, get an Xbox 360 free

Microsoft has renewed an academic promotion from last May that offers students the chance to bag a free Xbox 360 when purchasing a computer. Assuming you can prove your enrollment (enter an edu email address here, for instance), all you have to do is buy a "qualifying" laptop or desktop...

Spotify extends free-play offer indefinitely

Spotify launched in the US nine months ago with the promise of a six-month period of ad-supported unlimited music but that time has since come and gone without any acknowledgement. Today the growing music outlet has announced that they are…