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google search spam ai

Google updates Search to fight low-quality spammy content, doesn't mention "AI" at all

An effort to neutralize "emerging tactics" designed to game search results
A hot potato: While we wait for the global revolution that AI algorithms will surely bring, Google is trying to survive the incoming spam-apocalypse enabled by automatic content generation at scale. The company is seemingly improving web search with more stringent rules against meaningless web pages, but their track record for the past few years is far from positive.
number hacking data breach

Number of data breaches falls globally, triples in the US

The US has overtaken Russia as the most-breached country
Why it matters: A recent study investigating data breaches throughout 2023 reveals a total of 299.8 million accounts were compromised across the year. While this figure is alarmingly high, it represents an 18% reduction from the 366.7 million breached accounts in 2022. Despite this global decrease, the situation in the United States has worsened, with the number of breaches tripling, positioning it as the world's most frequently targeted country.
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