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Windows 11's latest feature will eliminate reboots for OS updates

It also should improve security since many users tend to delay patches because they must reboot
Something to look forward to: Already available in Xbox, hot patching would theoretically delight gamers – if it didn't require virtualization-based security to be turned on thus eroding performance. But many other Windows 11 users should be thrilled not to have to reboot every time there is a security update.
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Windows 10 is not getting any more feature updates

22H2 is the final version of Windows 10, support ends October 2025
Bottom line: Windows 10 hasn't received significant new features in a while since Microsoft pivoted to Windows 11, but the company has now confirmed it ceased developing major updates for the older operating system. The shift comes despite Windows 11's struggles to overtake its predecessor in user adoption.
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Microsoft rolls out Windows 11 22H2 update with new Start menu, gaming, and security features

In a nutshell: Microsoft has started rolling out the Windows 11 2022 update, also known as the 22H2 update, in over 190 countries. It introduces several upgrades and new features to the company's most recent operating system, including an updated Start menu, better search, and a revamped File Explorer. Microsoft is also adding improved security and gaming-focused tools to the OS.