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Firefox Myths Debunked

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Note – For detailed information on the authors intellectual dishonesty & deliberate misquoting of people (Myself included) please see my Firefox Myths Debunked post.

Noticed the site behind XP Myths has posted up a new article – Firefox Myths. Alas, while the former I think can be pretty useful in many instances this is not & offers a bias/misrepresented look at Firefox (Not to mention the fact that sources have been misquoted/misread).
For a thorough debunking of the Firefox Myths article I’d suggest you read Nanobox’s blog – They’re one of the (misrepresented) sources in the Myths article. For example;

Ironically Internet Explorer supports changes to the XHTML 1.1 standard better than Firefox.

While they (Nanobox) point out that (In a message to users redirected to their site from Firefox Myths);

The article you have just come from states that Internet Explorer has better support for the XHTML 1.1 changes than Firefox. It should be noted that although Internet Explorer does support some of the relevant elements, it does not support them in any fashion in which it is correct to use those elements. Internet Explorer only supports the elements as proprietary extensions to HTML. True XHTML 1.1 must be sent with the content type “application/xhtml+xml” or a generic XML content type, which Internet Explorer does not recognize as a webpage without the application of special hacks.

You have been warned. I know I’ve said this a decent few times over the years but, if you notice I’ve made an error in a guide I’m quite happy to edit the content as I hate making & promoting incorrect info.

Update – I see another site’s posting how Operas is the most secure Browser around (Amongst other things). Technically, Lynx is based on the fact that all (2) vulnerabilities are patched (This being their own definition of secure). Security is a relative condition.

Written by Julio Franco

December 28th, 2005 at 5:30 pm

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