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Welcome to TechSpot 3.0!

Welcome to TechSpot 3.0!

I’m personally excited and honored to present to you the new TechSpot. Around late October we embarked upon the journey of redesigning from the ground up… Believe it or not, the first meetings and mockups for a design refresh started back in 2012, but...

Poll: TechSpot readers, would you pay $3-5 for a subscription to remove all ads and receive other benefits?

TechSpot readers, we want to gather your opinion about an optional subscription program, giving you a way to directly support the site while receiving some cool extras and recognition. Among the benefits: no ads anywhere, a special contributor badge, full-text RSS feed, access to our editorial calendar, among others. Please read through and vote in our poll.


TechSpot's mobile site refresh, over 200k visitors monthly

TechSpot's mobile site refresh, over 200k visitors monthly

When we launched TechSpot's mobile site ( ten months ago our goal was to mirror the experience and many of the features we offer on the main site. I'm glad to share today the response has been overwhelming. The site's usage has grown exponentially in such short timespan, and this past December we received a record 230,000 visitors!

Happy New Year & 2012's first tech poll

Happy New Year & 2012's first tech poll

Happy New Year everyone! This has been a great year in tech, though not necessarily the most exciting in the traditional sense of the PC industry that we've been watching for over a decade, 2011 has seen the biggest rise in mobile technology that is actually converging into that PC world...

TechSpot's Product Finder: Our Latest Project

For about a year we've been working behind the scenes on our latest project, the TechSpot Product Finder, a comprehensive up-to-date catalog of tech products. We hope this becomes your next destination to make well-informed decisions when you go out shopping for your next laptop, SSD, monitor, digital camera, HTPC, tablet, or even your next media player.

Happy holidays from the TechSpot team!

Happy holidays from the TechSpot team!

Every year around the holiday festivities I like to think back about the way we've come, I know many of you have been visiting TechSpot for a long time and I couldn't be more grateful for that. To our readers, thank you for your support and for being part of the TechSpot family. Our best wishes to you and your families these holidays!
TechSpot Weekly: 'Friday night fragfest' and giveaway winners

TechSpot Weekly: 'Friday night fragfest' and giveaway winners

Starting this Friday, we'll host a weekly gaming event open to all TechSpot members. TechSpot's 'Friday Night Fragfest' will start every Friday at midnight eastern, 9 PM pacific. To kick things off, we'll mostly be playing Left 4 Dead 2 and Team Fortress 2, but other popular games will eventually be added to the mix. Also, jump in for our latest giveaway winner announcement.