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projekt red witcher cdpr cd projekt red the witcher the witcher 4

CD Projekt Red starts The Witcher 4 in earnest, shifting two-thirds of its resources to preproduction

Sharpen your swords: It's getting to be about that time. That time when The Witcher fans start saying, "I think I'm ready to play through The Witcher 3 again." I've been considering this myself. So maybe it's not a coincidence that CDPR just confirmed it has its Witcher 4 (or whatever they plan to call it) team in place several months ahead of schedule.
nes nintendo modding with video

This functional NES game doubles as an NES console

A whole new meaning to plug-and-play
Overview: Multi-function NES game cartridges aren't exactly a new concept. In the late 80s, for example, Nintendo released the Action Set bundle in North America which included Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt on a single cartridge. Two games on a single cart felt like magic at the time, but what if you could play your entire NES library on a single cart (without ROMs)? That's exactly what one YouTuber recently set out to accomplish.
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