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nvidia continues tease geforce rtx 40-series gpu announcement nvidia gpu graphics card rtx 4000

Nvidia teases more RTX 4000 details with cryptic code, confirms Lovelace architecture name

Highly anticipated: We're now a mere five days away from the event gamers are hotly anticipating: Nvidia's unveiling of the RTX 4000 graphics cards. Adding more fuel to the hype machine, team green has posted a couple of new teasers for the GeForce Beyond event, including one with a mystery code that could reveal some Lovelace specs.
fifa ea privacy cheating kernel

FIFA 23 and other EA titles will come with controversial "kernel-mode" anti-cheat software

In context: Nothing can ruin a multiplayer game faster than rampant cheating, so it's no surprise that developers go to great lengths to devise ways to mitigate it. One controversial method is to install kernel-mode drivers that monitor for anything that tries to tamper with the game's software. However, many players are not comfortable with granting such low-level privileges.
nintendo n64 expansion pack goldeneye xbox rare goldeneye 007 nintendo direct with video

GoldenEye 007 is coming to Nintendo Switch Online and Xbox Game Pass

Nintendo is also adding eight additional N64 games to its Switch Online Expansion Pack
In a nutshell: A new batch of classic Nintendo 64 games is heading to the Switch Online + Expansion Pack service in the not too distant future. The crown jewel is GoldenEye 007, which is also getting a re-release on Xbox Game Pass.

Ubisoft says $70 is now the standard price for its "big AAA games"

A hot potato: Ubisoft is joining the depressingly large number of companies charging $70 for their AAA games, the first of which will be November's Skull and Bones. The French studio has announced that the price will become a standard for its big PS5 and Xbox Series X/S releases. No word on PC games, though it wouldn't be surprising to see it follow in the footsteps of Square Enix and Activision by charging $70 for some titles on the platform.
splatoon japan nintendo nintendo switch

Splatoon 3 has smashed video game launch records in Japan

In context: The popular Nintendo shooter franchise recently launched its third iteration, drawing immense hype and excitement from gamers, especially in Japan, where Splatoon 3 has managed to outsell (by a lot) previous chart leaders. Nintendo has not commented on sales figures in other regions so far however.
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