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borderlands movies film lionsgate with video

Borderlands trailer fails to instill blockbuster confidence

Casting department shredded franchise authenticity for big-name recognition
Full disclosure: Throw everything you know about Borderlands out the window if you want to enjoy the film adaptation. I absolutely love the entire cast – just not for this movie. Granted, I only have its first trailer to go on, but unless it's set some 30+ years in the original game's future, the casting makes zero sense.
nvidia gpu geforce gaming drivers pc gaming nvidia app

Nvidia app launches in beta: Nvidia's new GPU control panel is much faster, no log in required

One unified app, goodbye GeForce Experience
Something to look forward to: Nvidia is finally making long awaited, much needed changes to their graphics card software. Available now is a new beta application simply called the Nvidia App, which greatly improves the software experience for Nvidia GPU owners. While it doesn't contain all of its features just yet, the eventual goal is for the Nvidia App to replace the outdated Nvidia Control Panel and annoying GeForce Experience into a single unified application.
elden ring fromsoftware shadow of the erdtree

Elden Ring's Shadow of the Erdtree DLC has a new trailer, launches in June

Highly anticipated: Bandai Namco has finally revealed what's in store for Elden Ring players with the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. The massive expansion for the award-winning heir to the Soulsborne formula will bring new storylines, new challenging boss fights, and a completely new world to explore. And that's just the beginning.
xbox plans activision blizzard games game pass

Xbox still has plans for day-one Activision Blizzard titles on Game Pass

"Our strategy does not hinge on people moving all-digital"
What just happened? Xbox boss Phil Spencer has been talking about the future of the brand, revealing two interesting bits of information: Xbox still intends for day one Activision Blizzard games to appear on Game Pass, which could include this year's Call of Duty; and it will continue to support physical games – for now.
skull bones metacritic review skull and bones with video

Skull and Bones has the lowest Metacritic user score of 2024 so far

Not what Ubisoft was hoping to see
Facepalm: Skull and Bones, the pirate sim that Ubisoft thinks is so good it's worth a $70 console price tag and a "AAAA" designation, currently has the lowest user score on Metacritic for a game released in 2024 thus far. Even the near-universally disliked Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has a higher user score than the title that took a decade to develop.
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