Spotlight on Apple's latest products: iPhone, Mac, iPad, Apple Watch, Vision Pro, and more. Apple's business and their impact on the tech ecosystem.

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Tech giants and the evolving productivity landscape

Qualcomm does indeed have 50,000-ish employees, double those of Nvidia and AMD
Why it matters: After looking at revenue and operating income per employee for big semiconductor companies, we thought that was a fun exercise, so we have looked at another dozen tech companies in various sectors. Broadcom and Apple are in a league of their own – it is good to have a software or licensing business.
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Apple M3 and the state of CPUs

Is it Apple and everyone else, even for CPUs?
The big picture: Apple's M3 launch stood out for its focus on how people actually use computers, the lack of AI acronyms and the fact that they launched three chips all at once. It is only getting harder to compete with them. As with all things Apple, the M3 has been extensively covered in the press, but beyond the performance metrics, a few things stood out for us, and here's our thesis on the overall sector.
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