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Tails OS 3.0 offers new features, improved security

Tails is one of my favorite operating systems. It's a great platform if you're looking to transition from Windows to Linux, plus it offers top notch privacy features and tools out of the box. Among the main improvements in Tails 3.0 (based on Debian 9) we find a new startup and shutdown experience, a lot of polish to the desktop, security improvements, and key upgrades to the included software. You can download here and read the complete release notes.

A TSer asks: Backup software to selectively store/sync portions of a drive?

Long-time TS forum moderator SNGX is looking for software that can incrementally or manually back up certain directories (movies, TV, music, photos) to specific locations (essentially syncing say I:\Movies to F:\Movies etc.). The goal is syncing files that are scattered across several drives to a single one. Allway Sync n Go has been suggested -- do you have any experience with that?

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