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Weekend Open Forum: Gadgets you can't live without

Weekend Open Forum: Gadgets you can't live without

Those of you born more than a couple of decades ago can probably remember a time when cell phones, personal computers, cable television, and other modern conveniences weren’t something you’d take for granted or outright didn’t even exist. Some say…
Foxconn now has more than 1 million employees

Foxconn now has more than 1 million employees

Foxconn is a factory complex in China responsible for building consumer electronics for a number of companies, including Apple,, Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Nintendo, Nokia, Microsoft, Sony, and Sony Ericsson. This morning, the largest contract electronics manufacturer in the world…

XM and Sirius to finally merge in Canada

XM Canada and Sirius Canada are finally merging their satellite radio operations, assuming the CRTC gives the two regulatory approval. That's right, XM and Sirius never merged in Canada, and now the two have decided it's time to follow their…

TechSpot Holiday Gift Guide 2010

It’s mid-November already, the holidays are quickly approaching and like every year you want to find the perfect gift for your loved ones. If you are reading this, chances are someone on your list is a ‘techie’, gadget freak, or simply one who enjoys tinkering with the latest technology.

Before you hit the nearest electronics shop or head online to your favorite e-tailer for some shopping, check out our shortlist on some the hottest items for tech fans this year.