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Nvidia app launches in beta: Nvidia's new GPU control panel is much faster, no log in required

One unified app, goodbye GeForce Experience
Something to look forward to: Nvidia is finally making long awaited, much needed changes to their graphics card software. Available now is a new beta application simply called the Nvidia App, which greatly improves the software experience for Nvidia GPU owners. While it doesn't contain all of its features just yet, the eventual goal is for the Nvidia App to replace the outdated Nvidia Control Panel and annoying GeForce Experience into a single unified application.
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Nvidia soaring market cap nears Amazon and Alphabet, fueled by surging AI demand

Nvidia is now worth $1.7 trillion -- make that $1.82 trillion...
Jackpot baby! Artificial intelligence has proven incredibly fruitful for Nvidia and its shareholders over the past year, and could even help the chipmaker surpass Amazon in terms of total market capitalization. Closing at over $720 today, that's an increase of more than 20% year over year and nearly 50% since the beginning of 2024.
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Nvidia is reportedly investing $30 billion in new custom chip unit

In context: The booming AI sector has propelled Nvidia's financials to new heights, as its AI acceleration GPUs have become highly sought after. However, these general-purpose components are facing increasing competition, prompting the company to develop more efficient chips tailored for specific clients and tasks.
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Thunderbolt alternative OCuLink tested for eGPUs, Nvidia's RTX 4090 benchmarked

In context: For those unfamiliar with OCuLink, it is an optical interface developed over a decade ago, primarily for servers. However, it has recently gained attention for consumer uses, such as external GPUs. OCuLink offers higher bandwidth compared to Thunderbolt 4 – up to 64 Gbps versus 40 Gbps. This increased bandwidth opens up the possibility better eGPU performance compared to Thunderbolt.