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E-Waste by the numbers: Infographic

E-Waste by the numbers: Infographic

Who doesn't love a cool gadget that can make your life easier on the day to day? Evidently tech enthusiasts like ourselves tend to spend more on electronics and upgrade more often than the average consumer, but as tech has…

Patriot Box Office Player Review

The digital age has brought about a new breed of media players designed to handle all your music, movies and television shows in a small compact package. With the growing popularity of Internet-based broadcasts, as well as the legal (and…
Weekend Open Forum: Your favorite gadget

Weekend Open Forum: Your favorite gadget

With an undying passion for technology, some of us have more electronics than RadioShack. Although your desk surface may be a silicon junkyard, you undoubtedly spend more time with specific devices depending on your lifestyle. Folks bound to a chair…
Amar Bose donates his company to MIT

Amar Bose donates his company to MIT

Dr. Amar Bose, founder of the company that bears his name, has given the majority of the stock of Bose Corporation to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The donation is in the form of non-voting shares. MIT will receive…
TomTom apologizes for helping police catch speeders

TomTom apologizes for helping police catch speeders

With smartphones, tablets and other mobile electronics offering integrated GPS functionality, single-purpose GPS devices are becoming less popular among consumers. Naturally, less interest equates to weaker sales and that's affecting the bottom line of companies like TomTom. To compensate for…