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amd zen cpus amd ryzen amd cpu vulnerability

AMD Ryzen CPUs are impacted by all of these serious vulnerabilities

A hot potato: All users with AMD Ryzen processors from the last few years should check and update their motherboard firmware ASAP, especially if they haven't done so since before 2023. AMD has published a detailed chart describing four severe security issues affecting server, desktop, workstation, HEDT, mobile, and embedded Zen CPUs. Recent BIOS updates have addressed most, but not all of the flaws.
nvidia rtx super geforce gpu ces pc gaming graphics card geforce rtx

Nvidia soaring market cap nears Amazon and Alphabet, fueled by surging AI demand

Nvidia is now worth $1.7 trillion -- make that $1.82 trillion...
Jackpot baby! Artificial intelligence has proven incredibly fruitful for Nvidia and its shareholders over the past year, and could even help the chipmaker surpass Amazon in terms of total market capitalization. Closing at over $720 today, that's an increase of more than 20% year over year and nearly 50% since the beginning of 2024.
chips act ntsc

Biden administration to invest $5 billion on next-generation chip-tech research

Recap: The Biden Administration conceived the CHIPS and Science Act as a far-reaching plan to rebuild the US microchip industry essentially from scratch. The plan includes roughly $280 billion in public subsidies to boost domestic research and semiconductor manufacturing, with public and private sectors working together towards a common goal.
flipper dos iphone ios ddos hacking flipper zero with video

Canada moves to ban the Flipper Zero amid rising auto theft concerns

Who knew a toy-like security testing device could prove to be such a menace?
Bottom line: The popularity of the Flipper Zero has Canadian officials on edge. While the tool's capabilities do raise concerns, the knee-jerk prohibition highlights the tricky balance between empowering white-hat hackers and preventing malicious misuse of technology.
ovrdrive usb storage open source self-destructing flash srive with video

USB drive that self-destructs nears its crowdfunding goal

Use the correct insertion sequence or the drive appears broken
WTF?! A self-destructing, open-source USB stick that can heat its flash chip to 100 degrees Celsius (212 degrees Fahrenheit) has almost reached its crowdfunding goal. Not only does the device boast a Mission Impossible-style self-kill ability, but it also has a secret feature that hides data unless you plug it in the correct way.
nvidia hopper h100 80gb hbm3 vrm data center nvidia hopper

Nvidia is reportedly investing $30 billion in new custom chip unit

In context: The booming AI sector has propelled Nvidia's financials to new heights, as its AI acceleration GPUs have become highly sought after. However, these general-purpose components are facing increasing competition, prompting the company to develop more efficient chips tailored for specific clients and tasks.
intel intel core cpu

Some Intel CPUs are banned in Germany following patent dispute

The latest Raptor Lake and Meteor Lake chips are unaffected by the ban
What just happened? A court in Germany has issued an injunction against certain Intel processors in the country following a patent dispute against another US-based firm. In a case that could have far-reaching consequences for Intel's European business, a regional court in Dusseldorf ruled that many of Team Blue's older processor lineups infringe on a European patent held by a California-based company called R2 Semiconductor.
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