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AMD Ryzen CPUs are impacted by all of these serious vulnerabilities

A hot potato: All users with AMD Ryzen processors from the last few years should check and update their motherboard firmware ASAP, especially if they haven't done so since before 2023. AMD has published a detailed chart describing four severe security issues affecting server, desktop, workstation, HEDT, mobile, and embedded Zen CPUs. Recent BIOS updates have addressed most, but not all of the flaws.
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AMD hid a fun Easter egg on its Athlon K7 CPU that went undiscovered until now

Easter eggs are more fun when they aren't immediately discovered
Neat: Hardware photographer Fritzchens Fritz recently stumbled across a fascinating Easter egg when examining an Athlon Classic CPU from AMD. When inspecting an Athlon K7 under magnification, Fritz discovered a logo of the state of Texas in one corner, right above a revolver firing a bullet. It is believed the state is a nod to Austin where AMD has some facilities, but the gun could mean anything (perhaps AMD firing a shot at Intel?).