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Google accused of being "woke" after Gemini creates inaccurate, racially diverse historical images

It has now suspended the feature
Facepalm: Generative AIs are often accused of being biased, but it appears that Google went a bit too far in trying to address this problem with Gemini. The company has apologized after the tool produced images showing people of color and women in historically inaccurate contexts, such as Nazi-era German soldiers and the Founding Fathers. It's led to complaints about Gemini being "woke," and Google has now paused the feature while it makes changes.
elden ring fromsoftware shadow of the erdtree

Elden Ring's Shadow of the Erdtree DLC has a new trailer, launches in June

Highly anticipated: Bandai Namco has finally revealed what's in store for Elden Ring players with the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. The massive expansion for the award-winning heir to the Soulsborne formula will bring new storylines, new challenging boss fights, and a completely new world to explore. And that's just the beginning.
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Xbox still has plans for day-one Activision Blizzard titles on Game Pass

"Our strategy does not hinge on people moving all-digital"
What just happened? Xbox boss Phil Spencer has been talking about the future of the brand, revealing two interesting bits of information: Xbox still intends for day one Activision Blizzard games to appear on Game Pass, which could include this year's Call of Duty; and it will continue to support physical games – for now.
graphcore openai large language model

British AI company Graphcore is trying to sell its accelerator business, perhaps to OpenAI

The company's IPUs are seemingly much better than GPUs for AI
The big picture: AI algorithms are spreading rapidly, and the demand for GPUs and other specialized chips designed to accelerate AI workloads is continuously increasing. Graphcore could offer an intriguing alternative to Nvidia's GPUs, but despite its potential, the company is struggling to attract buyers for its products and is now up for sale.