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Weekend Open Forum: Your first and current mouse

First introduced in 1968 by computing pioneer Douglas Engelbart, the mouse has evolved from an extremely simplistic "position indicator" to a highly specialized tool relied upon by billions. Although the basic input principles remain unchanged, modern mice offer decades of…

Weekend Open Forum: Where do you buy online?

As the holiday shopping season gets rolling, our question for you is: How much do you rely on online retailers and where do you prefer to buy stuff? Not only tech, but things in general like clothes, gifts for family and friends, food, flowers, anything you are used to buy online these days. Even if it's a local store, we want to hear about it.

Weekend Open Forum: Do you game on your cell phone?

Usually when you think of gaming, a tiny screen and cramped controls aren't the first things that come to mind. But in the last year or so smartphone gaming has really kicked off as they get more capable hardware and developers find creative ways to use touch interfaces. So much indeed that Apple's iOS devices alone have already surpassed the Sony PSP as a gaming platform in the U.S., according to a recent survey, while closing in on the DS.

Weekend Open Forum: What do you want for Christmas?

There's less than two months until Christmas morning, and we know many of you are scrambling for gift ideas -- we are too. Our annual holiday gift guide is due to be published by mid-November, and while that should help you find items for your friends and family, we want to give you an opportunity to tell the world what you'd like for Christmas this year as well...

Weekend Open Forum: Most memorable gaming cheat codes

Cheat codes have been a part of gaming for years. Today we want to hear about the ones that stuck onto your memory all this time -- or maybe some that were so ridiculously complicated that you don't remember so well. I’ll mention an obvious one and a more obscure one to get the conversation started: IDDQD for Godmode in Doom II (PC) and pressing B thirteen times while rotating the D-pad 360 degrees clockwise during the match-up screen to get power dunks in NBA Jam (SNES).