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The Best PC Game Mods 2013

The real joy of playing a game on PC is that, thanks to mods, your entire experience can be improved by the work of dedicated fans.

Because some mods are so extensive, transforming almost everything about the source title, we felt it was only fair to list 12 of the best of them here, since they may as well count as their own new games.

Download: AMD Catalyst 13.1 WHQL driver

Good news for Radeon owners: AMD's latest WHQL-certified Catalyst driver (13.1) has finally materialized. After an unusually long wait -- no doubt thanks in part to AMD's recent "dynamic release" policy -- 13.1 contains all the improvements 12.11 beta made…

Download of the Week: Black Mesa 1.0

Black Mesa, the long-anticipated fan remake of Half-Life, has officially gone live today after eight years in development. For those hearing about this mod project for the first time, it involves a ground-up rewrite of Half-Life using Valve's Source Engine,…

Windows 8 Release Preview is out, download now

Microsoft accidentally leaked yesterday that Windows 8 Release Preview would become available today and indeed, it's now here, download links are below. Windows 8's development has been considerably more open than on previous releases, we believe in part so Microsoft…